NFT Collection

Distinctive collectibles for digital art collectors and beer aficionados.
Born and brewed on the Ethereum blockchain.

Meet The BeerBoddles!

BeerBoddles are a collection of 12,000 unique NFTs born and brewed on the Ethereum blockchain. Each BeerBoddle is randomly generated by means of a custom algorithm to create a rare and valuable collectible. These whimsical showpieces are sure to delight art collectors and beer aficionados alike!

The ERC-721 is a token standard on Ethereum for non-fungible tokens and is considered by many to be the gold standard of a valuable collectible NFT.

Fungible means interchangeable and replaceable which means your BeerBoddle NFT is guaranteed to be a one of one and can never be replicated.


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The Nitty Gritty

Comprised of  more than 130 traits in 19 categories, there are several trillion algorithmic possibilities. With only 12,000 to be minted, this ensures that each individual BeerBoddle is unique with multiple levels of rarity staggered throughout the collection.

Generated with a custom computative formula, multiple layers of artwork are randomly selected to produce a brilliant showpeice consisting of at least 10 to as many as 16 layers for each BeerBoddle. These layers then become what are known as the traits of your custom NFT.

Keep your eyes peeled for some of these super rare and fun features that will make your BeerBoddle NFT a valuable and memorable collectors item. 

Community Tools

Engage with the BeerBoddles community and interact with fellow NFT enthusiasts sharing common interests. We’re working hard to provide a robust environment for all to enjoy and participate.